We don’t know how he visits all the boys and girls each year, but I’m told he did it again! Merry Christmas from all involved with Debut.

Here’s a photo of Santa flying across Australia…

Later today (Saturday 7th December) Debut will be screening at Cinema Around the Corner.

Retro video games, Korova Kids dance workshop 4pm, and more, with a lunchtime feature, Pay it Forward (2000, Cert 12) 1.30pm, co-programmed with Emmaus

Teatime animation from Callon Kids Community Club, Fishwick Rangers and the Brownies, and an after dark screening of Studio Ghibli classic Howl’s Moving Castle (2004, U) at 6pm. 

St Matthew’s Mission, Acregate Lane, 1pm - 8pm, Free.

More information at facebook.com/CinemaRoundTheCorner


Before we release ‘Debut’, here is a little preview of what to expect - accompanied by the three of us talking, well, nonsense. Thanks to all our lovely cast and crew!

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Decisions, decisions for Director Mike, as everyone else looks on…

Preparing the sound equipment for the day’s filming.

Jack performing whist boom operator, Chris captures the sound.

We are using some of Dan’s music for Debut. You can get his first EP for free and ‘Pay what you wish’ for this second EP on Bandcamp. Both of them are amazing.

We have finally finished editing the film and we are really happy with it. It took a little longer to do than we planned for meaning we missed our slots to have the film graded and sound designed, which has delayed us a little.

Our friend Rob Grainger will be grading Debut when he is back in the country, meaning we should have graded video, mixed audio and a completely finished film by the end of June.